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"Chaim Weizmann Gold Coin"


Knesset Weizmann Postcard

Israel's 2nd and 3rd Gold Coin

"Dr. Chaim Weizmann"

This set of gold coins was issued by the Bank of Israel to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the death of Dr. Chaim Weizmann.

Dr. Weizmann was a Scientist, the president of the World Zionist Organization, and the first President of the State of Israel.

Description of the Coin


A portrait of Dr. Weizmann appears in the upper right section of the coins. The inscription "Chaim Weizmann" is displayed along the bottom rim to the left. The State emblem at the bottom center.


The coin is struck with the emblem of the State of Israel in the center. The inscription "Fifty Lirot or One Hundred Israeli Lirot" with the anniversary years "5713-5723 /1952-1962" in Hebrew and English appears around the rim. The word "Israel" in Hebrew, English, and Arabic below the menorah.

The coins were struck in Proof Condition. The coin displays the Proof mintmark, a small Hebrew 'mem' that is below the Menorah.

Actual Gold Weight

50 Lirot - .3933 oz.

100 Lirot - .7866 oz.

Cat. No. Denomination Type Diameter Weight Mintage Price
FR 2 50 Lirot Proof Gold/.916 27mm 13.34 grams 6,202 out of stock
FR 3 100 Lirot Proof Gold/.916 33mm 26.68 grams 6,203 out of stock

Weizmann Gold Coin 50 Lirot Weizmann Gold Coin 50 Lirot

Weizmann Gold Coin 100 Lirot Weizmann Gold Coin 100 Lirot

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