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"CAESAREA" 1988/5749

Caearea Gold Proof Coin

Israel's 7th issue in the "Historic Sites in the Holyland" series

The ancient city of Caesarea is midway between Tel-Aviv and Haifa. Herod the Great chose this place to build a monument to Emperor Caesar Augustus, who had confirmed him in the Kingship of Judaea.


The Caesarea Ruins including, a Capital that displays a menorah, the Hippodrome, Crusader Fortress, Ancient Port and Roman Aqueduct. The inscription, "Caesarea" in Hebrew, Arabic and English.


The denomination "1/2, 1 or 5", with the State Emblem. The date "1988/5749" and "New Sheqel" or "New Sheqalim" in Hebrew and English.

The uncirculated silver coin is mintmarked with a 6 pointed star at the bottom. The proof coins are mintmarked with a Hebrew 'mem'.

NIS-New Israel Sheqalim

Cat. No. Denomination Type Diameter Weight Mintage Price
FR 31 5 NIS Proof Gold/.900 22 mm 8.63 grams 3,454 575.00

Caearea Gold Proof Coin Caearea Gold Proof Coin

Actual gold weight: 1/4 oz. encapsulated and housed in a custom display case from the Bank of Israel

Cat. No. Denomination Type Diameter Weight ASW Mintage Price
SI 12 1/2 NIS Unc. Silver/.850 23 mm 7.2 grams .1968 oz 5,865 16.00
SI 12a 1 NIS Proof Silver/.850 30 mm 14.4 grams .3935 oz 6,560 30.00

Caearea Silver Coin Caearea Silver Coin

Caearea Silver Proof Coin Caearea Silver Proof Coin

Uncirculated: A Mint State coin struck on a standard planchet. It will display a matte type finish.  A small six pointed "Star of David" mintmark struck on the "Caesarea" coin at the bottom rim.

Proof: A coin which was made with special care. The coins are struck using polished dies. The planchets are specially selected and polished. The coins exhibit a mirror-like surface in the fields and a frosted appearance on the raised points of the coin. A small Hebrew 'mem' mintmark is struck on the "Caesarea" coin at the bottom rim.

ASW: actual silver weight

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