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Israel's "Biblical Art" Coin Series


Tower of Babel Coins

The Seventh Coin in the "Biblical Art" Series

Over 4,000 years ago, mankind was united in love and peace in one place and spoke only one language. However, as the people became over-conceited and strove to achieve power, they decided to try and reach the sky, by building a tower, the Tower of Babel as it was named. At this moment, the utopian unity was to change for all time. The Lord frustrated their project by causing confusion in their communication. They started to speak different languages and became scattered all over the earth.

This coin encapsulates all languages and all peoples. It is the most universal coin ever to be issued!

Coin Description

Front: A composition of the Hebrew verses in the Book of Genesis 11:1-9, which describe the building of the Tower of Babel. The verses are written in the shape of a tower and not all are clearly written, alluding to the state of confusion and lack of communication among the people. The words themselves symbolize the central theme in the story of the Tower of Babel - Language.

Reverse: The denomination "1, 2 or 10" with "New Sheqel" or "New Sheqalim". The year of issue "5762/2002". The inscription: "Tower of Babel GEN. 11" in Hebrew and English. The inscriptions on the reverse are written concentrically and the State of Israel emblem appears in the center, giving the impression of a view from above the tower.

NIS-New Israel Sheqalim

Cat. No. Denomination Type Diameter Weight Mintage Price
FR 84 10 NIS Proof Gold/.917 30 mm 16.96 grams 750 1200.00

Tower of Babel Gold Coin Tower of Babel Gold Coin

Actual gold weight:    1/2 oz.   encapsulated and housed in a custom display case from the Bank of Israel

Cat. No. Denomination Type Diameter Weight Mintage Price
H 35 1 NIS Proof-like Silver/.925 30 mm 14.4 grams 1,312 65.00
H 35a 2 NIS Proof Silver/.925 38.7 mm 28.8 grams 1,295 125.00

Tower of Babel Silver Coin Tower of Babel Silver Coin

Tower of Babel Silver Proof Coin Tower of Babel Silver Proof Coin

Proof-Like: A Mint State coin struck on a standard quality planchet. The coin displays a mirror type finish, but of lesser degree than a full Proof strike. A small six pointed "Star of David" mintmark struck on the "Tower of Babel" coin below the date.

Proof: A coin which was made with special care. The coins are struck with extra pressure using polished dies. The planchets are specially selected and polished. The coins exhibit a mirror-like surface in the fields and a frosted appearance on the raised points of the coin. A small Hebrew 'mem' mintmark is struck on the "Tower of Babel" coin below the date.

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