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Daniel Boone Half Dollar

Boone Postcard

Commemorative issue

Daniel Boone Bicentennial

Coin Description

Front: A bust of Daniel Boone in the center of the coin. Around the rim, "United States of America - Half Dollar".

Reverse: Daniel Boone standing with the Shawnee Chief Blackfish, in the center. In the field, the inscription "Daniel Boone Bicentennial - Pioneer Year". Around the rim, "In God We Trust - E. Pluribus Unum". The Date of strike at the bottom rim.

Cat # Item Type Diameter Weight AU Unc
Y C9 Boone Silver/.900 30.6 mm 12.5 grams 130.00 150.00

Boone Half Dollar Boone Half Dollar

This coin was minted for 5 years with several Date and Mintmark Varieties. The 'type' coin is represented on this page.

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AU About Uncirculated
Unc Uncirculated

Almost Uncirculated (AU): All of the detail will be visible. The coin will exhibit some wear on the highest points of the coin.

Uncirculated (Unc): A coin that did not enter circulation. Will exhibit original mint luster.

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