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Long Island Tercentenary 1636-1936

Three Masted Ship postcard

State of New York

Half Dollar

Commemorative issue

Commemorative issue to celebrate the 300th Anniversary of the founding of the first settlement on Long Island, New York

Coin Description

Front: The bust of a Dutch Settler and an Algonquin Indian. Around the rim, "Liberty - E. Pluribus Unum".

Reverse: A Dutch Three Masted Ship in the center. Below the ship, the inscription "In God We Trust - 1936 - Long Island Tercentenary". Around the rim, "United States of America - Half Dollar".

Item Item Type Diameter Weight Mintage AU Unc
Y C29 Long Island 1936 Silver/.900 30.6 mm 12.5 grams 81,773 out of stock out of stock

Long Island Half Dollar Long Island Half Dollar

AU About Uncirculated
Unc Uncirculated

Almost Uncirculated (AU): All of the detail will be visible. The coin will exhibit some wear on the highest points of the coin.

Uncirculated (Unc): A coin that did not enter circulation. Will exhibit original mint luster.

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Commemorative Half Dollars   Commemorative Half Dollars