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"Noah's Ark"

Israel's "Biblical Art" Coin Series


Noah's Ark Coin Set

Silver & Gold Coins Issued by the Bank of Israel

God was to bring a flood to wipe out evil and create a new, better world.

Noah, as he is described in the book of Genesis, was "righteous in his generation" and was chosen to perpetuate the human race, the animal and bird species. He was to build an ark in which he and his family, along with representatives of the animal and bird kingdoms, would be preserved alive.

Over a hundred and twenty years, Noah prepared for this, planting cedar trees, especially for their wood. Fifty years it took him to build the ark.

When the ark was ready, the flood waters inundated the earth, blotting out all earthly existence. The rains ceased; the waters subsided and the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat. After forty days, Noah sent out a raven but the raven returned. Seven days later, he released a dove. The dove came back to the ark with an olive leaf in its beak. After a further seven days, Noah sent out the dove again and this time it did not return. Noah understood that there was dry land. God promised never to destroy mankind again and set the rainbow in the sky as an everlasting symbol of this promise.

The fourth coin issued by the Bank of Israel in the "Biblical Art" Series depicts Noah and his Ark, and the dove. Designed by Gideon Keich.

Coin Description


Noah releasing a dove, a background of clouds behind a rainbow.


The denomination "1, 2 or 10" with "New Sheqel" or "New Sheqalim". A dove carrying an olive branch. The State emblem at the top. "Israel" in Hebrew, English and Arabic. The year of issue 5758/1998 and the inscription, "NOAH'S ARK. GEN. CHAPS. 6-9" in Hebrew and English.

The proof-like silver coin is mintmarked with a 6 pointed star at the bottom. The proof coins are mintmarked with a Hebrew 'mem'.

NIS-New Israel Sheqalim

Cat. No. Denomination Type Diameter Weight Mintage Price
FR 71 10 NIS Proof Gold/.900 30 mm 17.28 grams 744 1200.00

Noah's Ark Gold Coin Noah's Ark Gold Coin

Actual gold weight:    1/2 oz.   encapsulated and housed in a custom display box from the Bank of Israel

Cat. No. Denomination Type Diameter Weight Mintage Price
H 32 1 NIS Proof-like Silver/.925 30 mm 14.4 grams 2,198 65.00
H 32a 2 NIS Proof Silver/.925 38.7 mm 28.8 grams 2,164 115.00

Noah's Ark Silver Coin Noah's Ark Silver Coin

Noah's Ark Silver Proof Coin Noah's Ark Silver Proof Coin

Proof-Like: A Mint State coin struck on a standard quality planchet. The coin displays a mirror type finish, but of lesser degree than a full Proof strike. A small six pointed "Star of David" mintmark struck on the "Noah's Ark" coin at the bottom.

Proof: A coin which was made with special care. The coins are struck with extra pressure using polished dies. The planchets are specially selected and polished. The coins exhibit a mirror-like surface in the fields and a frosted appearance on the raised points of the coin. A small Hebrew 'mem' mintmark is struck on the "Noah's Ark" coin at the bottom.

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